Department of South Asia Studies

Penn's Department of South Asia Studies is the nation’s first department devoted solely to the study of South Asia. Penn is heir to the oldest articulation of area studies in the United States, dating back to 1948, and to a tradition of Sanskrit philology inaugurated in 1880. South Asia Studies has educated more students and awarded more degrees than any other comparable entity, traiing generations of leaders in the field. It has built unrivaled library research collections for South Asia and established the prototype for interdisciplinary programs in this field. Graduates of the program hold faculty positions in a wide range of American and overseas colleges and universities, where they have helped establish similar centers of study.

Today the South Asia Studies Department is a close-knit community of interdisciplinary scholars that combines expertise in the languages, literatures, histories, and cultures of South Asia. The Department is able to meet a variety of training and learning needs through its BA, MA, and PhD degree programs.  Please visit the department website for more information.